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Nikki Mordini speaking at Polk County Bar Association Summer General Practice CLE

June 17, 2010

Davis Brown attorney Nikki Mordini will be speaking about immigration law at the Polk County Bar Association Summer General Practice CLE on Friday, June 18, 2010. Mordini is an associate in the immigration department whose practice includes removal / deportation, criminal and family law.


New E-Verify Requirements & Redesign

June 9, 2010

For those companies that use E-Verify in conjunction with the I-9 for employment verification, please note that the E-Verify site is being redesigned. To continue to use E-Verify after the redesign, you will need to complete a new tutorial (about 20 minutes).

For more detailed information click to see the UCIS website.

A “sneak preview” is available June 10 at 2PM EDT. To register, click to go to the UCIS website registration page.

Davis Brown Immigration Department


Lori Chesser Moderating Business Implications of Immigration Reform

June 2, 2010

Lori Chesser will be moderating Business Implications of Immigration Reform presented by the Business Record at the Science Center of Iowa on Thursday, June 17, 2010 from 7.30 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.

Lori T. Chesser

The new Arizona law has brought the issue of immigration reform to the forefront. National experts Raul Hinojosa Ojeda (North American Integration and Development Center) and Daniel Griswold (Cato Institute’s Center for Trade Policy Studies) will join our panel of local business leaders to discuss the impact immigration reform could have on our business community.

Local panelists include Tracy Lewis, World Wide Human Resources Director, Kemin Industries; and Doni DeNucci, President and CEO Iowa Restaurant Association.

More information at

New visa fees go into effect June 4

June 1, 2010

The Department of State is raising visa application fees as of June 4. The new fees are as follows:

Most non-immigrant (temporary) visas and adult border crossing cards: $140

Petition-based non-immigrant visas (H,L,O,P,Q,R): $150

K (fiance(e)) category: $350

E (investor/trader) category: $390

Note that these are visa application fees only. In addition to the application fees, “reciprocity fees” are imposed for national of certain countries. As the name implies, reciprocity fees are based on the fees that those countries charge U.S. citizens for visas. A visa applicant must pay the application fee plus any applicable reciprocity fees. Neither fee is refundable if the visa is not issued.

As a reminder, most consular posts are now using the new electronic application form DS-160. This form is completed on-line and the applicant takes only a receipt to the appointment. This form has proved challenging, but we have successfully assisted several clients in completing it since roll-out.

This effort is part of the “paperless” visa goal. When we file a visa petition (such an H-1B), we send a duplicate copy that is transmitted by CIS (the adjudicating agency) to the Kentucky Consular Center to be scanned into an electronic system for consular access. For this reason, consulates are not supposed to require an original approval notice or a copy of the petition for a visa to be issued (although we sometimes send a copy just in case). Note that if for any reason CIS has not sent the petition to KCC, visa issuance will be delayed while the consulate contacts KCC to request the copy and scan it. This usually takes about two days. Note that we have no way to confirm that KCC has received the petition before your consular appointment.

Also as a reminder, those traveling without a visa on the visa waiver program (which is only for certain countries) must register in ESTA before using the visa waiver program. Go to for information and to register.

This “paperless” world offers many benefits, but also can be frustrating when it does not work well. Fortunately, many posts will now correspond via email with attorneys, which is a great improvement over the old days of midnight calls in hopes that someone at the consulate would answer (although we are available for midnight calls when needed!).


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